Photo by Emma Skye

"No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can and no one may. 
        We ourselves must walk the path.”       

― Gautama Buddha


The affection that comes from walking the right path in life

In July 2015 I made the decision to leave behind my misaligned, draining 9-5 corporate job, sell almost all of my possessions, and book a one-way ticket to volunteer in Bali. 

It was months later on a quiet beach in northern Bali when I was first struck with a profound realization that I am free, understanding that I completely control my future well-being.  

After volunteering, I spent time alone exploring a new spiritual side to myself, encountering problems and working through them.

My journey since leaving Bali has been about travelling the globe and learning new ways of personal healing, including eye gazing, intermittent fasting, and spending time in silence.   

Walking the right path has become a critical theme in my life, and I most find myself back on the right path when I'm trusting my intuition.  At times of weakness I could be led astray by others, or more likely by my own self-doubt.  It goes without saying that when I'm on the right path, I'm a better person.  I treat myself better, and I'm better company around others.  

This website is about the bountiful knowledge that comes with making intentional decisions and by travelling the globe.  


Growing up in a small city in Canada, I found myself heading down the wrong path.  Plagued with questions about my own identity and how I fit into the world (the colour of my skin, my sexual orientation, and a lack of defined personal interests), I realized I had been following in the footsteps of others instead of carving out my own path.

My life felt like a mismatched puzzle.  Sometimes the pieces fit, but more often than not I was jamming in the wrong pieces in an attempt to make them stick. 

Neglecting the entire concept of personal wellness, I found myself spiralling into a bad place.  My job wasn't energizing me and my possessions weren't making me any happier.  As a traditionally reticent person, I found myself desperately needing to awaken to the vastness of the world that existed outside of a 400 square-foot urban apartment.     


A two-week vacation to Europe proved to be exhilarating, but fleeting.  To spend a year working at an unrewarding job for just those two weeks of reprieve from the grind wasn’t enough and never would be.  I needed something long term if I really wanted to create positive change.  And I needed to slow down and start appreciating the world around me.  A trip to Madrid proved to be a catalyst for changing my lifestyle.

After years of telling people how miserable I was with my job, I finally decided to stop waiting for signs, take a leap of faith, and make the switch to action-oriented positivity.  

Since then, I've volunteered with kids in Bali, immersed myself in a range of yoga and meditation classes, attended a silent retreat,  dined at busy night markets in Bangkok, witnessed breathtaking waterfalls, kayaked and tubed down a Laotian river, trekked through the mountains of Northern Vietnam, worked on a Cambodian island, drove and worked along the coast of Australia, rode trains through Sri Lanka's hill country and so much more. Though the most important part of it all is that I've met so many fascinating people pursuing their own dreams along the way.  

I’ve injected micro-doses of change in my life, and I’ve now dabbled with the potent effects of grand change too.  The future is always uncertain, but no matter what happens -- this decision to take action has without a doubt been the best choice I've ever made.